Our Ministries

Administration Data Analysis TeamWe punch the numbers, providing administration support to the ministry that evaluates the outcomes of our ministry work. This highly skilled technical team creates innovative ways to do ministry more effective and efficient. You will be dazzled by the outcomes in which this ministry produces.


First Touch Ministries  We have anticipated your arrival and we have intentionally prepared for you to have a rewarding experience.  Provide us  the opportunity to lavish you with love, introduce you to new friends, and leave you with a lasting impression.


Gate Keepers Extending courteous acts of kindness to our guest/members offering first-class hospitality; providing presence, politeness, protection, and professional attentiveness to those who grace our premise.


Greeters Through pleasant and positive engagement we intentionally and distinctively treat our guest and members as royalty; it is our privilege to serve with excitement and enthusiasm in a spirit of excellence; your day will be brighten by our warm smiles, inviting disposition, an genuine handshakes and hugs.


Marketing & Public Relations Publically communicating the ministry through various art forms; helping to ensure awareness, participation, and partnership with visitors and vendors of the ministry. With vision and creativity you startle the eye and awaken the imagination of the public through presentation, communication, and production.


Media Ministry Explore the exciting art and skill of audio and video production through sight and sound! We will communicate and capture the anointing of the moment as the power of God is unleashed among us. We are challenged to reach the world, encouraging the saints, through various verbal and theatrical forms; ensuring excellence in audio and video production.


Membership ServicesWe provide excellence in quality care to all guest/members who grace our premise; offering first class service, courteous and prompt attention to the concerns and needs of those whom God has privileged us to serve.


Men Who Win Welcome Brothers! You will be captivated by men that will charge and challenge you to be the best man you can be. You will learn, listen, and laugh with men just like you. We encourage each other, support each other, and honor each other. We want you to conquer your dreams, fulfill your vision, and be a model before those in whom you influence. God is our source, our Pastor is our general, and your fellow brothers are the troops that will inspire you to go where you have never gone, to do what you have never done, to have what you have never had, and become the man who you are purposed to be!


Outreach and Missions –  Reaching outwardly with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, touching the hurting, feeding the hungry, advocating for righteousness; revitalizing our community to be a vibrant, wholesome  and safe place to live.   


S.A.L.T. – (Single Adults Living Triumphally) Hey single adults! Do you feel pressured by others to enter relationships that your not quite ready for? We have an alternative for you. Come experience the warm relaxed environment of our singles ministry. This invigorating fellowship will surely provide you companionship and camaraderie with people just like you whose desire is to succeed rather than survive. You will learn, love, and laugh with other single adults who share like-experiences. This empowering group of adults will provide support and encouragement as you journey through life! 


Student Ministries Student Ministries has a comprehensive vision for you that will prove to be focused and fun. We will show you that “serving God can be relevant and rewarding”. We believe that God wants you to succeed rather than survive. Our teachers are real people just like you, and are prepared to teach you how to WIN EVERYDAY of your life! So we look forward to seeing this week at “THE WAY” (Bibleway). Until then, Peace Out!


Sportslife Come and enjoy an exciting array of sporting activities that are crafted for your enjoyment. You and your entire family will be refreshed by people just like you who desire to compete and fellowship in a warm, friendly, and fun environment. These indoor/outdoor sporting activities are sure to keep you physically fit.


The School of Empowerment We customize your learning experience to facilitate your personal development. Our customized curriculum will educate and equip you to win in every category of your life. Your spiritual development is our number one priority. Students who engage in these classes are well prepared for spiritual battle. The foundation that you will receive will prepare you to do the work of the ministry. Enroll on site or in one of our online courses, you’ll be glad that you did!


Usher Ministry Providing direction to all persons entering our doors; treating each attendee as a guest of honor, communicating aggressively yet gracefully in the spirit of meekness, assuring that all is decent and in order.


Voices of Zion Leading the body of Christ into collective participative anointed praise worship to our God under the power of the Holy Spirit; creating a highly energetic upbeat tempo, allowing the people of God to express themselves freely, openly, and responsively.


Women of Faith Hello Women of God! What a tremendous gift God gave the earth when He made you. Your strength and capacity far exceeds any creature the Lord our god made. It is our hope that this ministry refreshes, replenishes, and reinvigorates your life in such a way that your burdens become lighter. You will experience celebration in times of joy, support for in your moments of pain, and strength for the journey ahead. WE WELCOME YOU INTO “A HABITATION OF HARMONY, HONOR, AND TRUST!”


Worshipping and Performing Arts Providing congregates and community an opportunity to participate in collective worship to God through various arts and expressions. Experiencing a Christ-centered, contagious, spirit-filled environment; provoking praise, participation; and the power of God into the atmosphere.