About Bibleway Community of Faith Church

   Bibleway Community of Faith Church is “Empowering People Just Like You to Win Everyday!” We understand that life can oftentimes become hectic as you and your family maneuver and manage through the multiple challenges that we all face.  Seeing what’s ahead and making the right turns can prove to be rewarding and fulfilling.


  At Bibleway Community of Faith Church we are committed to teaching you the principles, promises, and the processes of God’s Word; resulting in a life of victory and not defeat. Men, Women, Children, and Families just like yours will become a visible manifestation of the power of God in the presence of people.  Our prayer for you is that you would experience Victory in Every Area of Your Life. You are just one decision away from others saying WOW!  Others will be amazed at what God’s Word will immediately produce in your life.


  We would like to extend the opportunity for you to partner with us in a life that is committed to WORSHIP, WARMTH, WORD, WITNESS, and WORK.  We welcome you to experience CHURCH REFRESHING.  Our inspiring, invigorating, and innovative approach to ministry will capture and captivate your attention for the rest of your life.  The impact of our ministry will prove to be rewarding in your spiritual, personal, and professional life.  We Guarantee It!  So come on, get connected, through online membership or by JOINING US at 2105 N. Jackson. We invite you to travel this faith journey with us!